Keller Rohrback Leads the Way in Complex Litigation

Praise from the Courts & Clients

“[Keller Rohrback] has performed an important public service in this action and has done so efficiently and with integrity…[Keller Rohrback] has also worked creatively and diligently to obtain a settlement from WorldCom in the context of complex and difficult legal questions…” In re WorldCom, Inc. ERISA Litigation (Cote, J.).
“Despite substantial obstacles to recovery, Keller Rohrback was willing to undertake the significant risks presented by this case…Class Counsel achieved real and substantial benefits for members of the Class. [Their] extensive prior experience in complex class action securities litigation…enabled the Class to analyze and achieve this excellent result.”Getty v. Harmon (“SunAmerica Securities Litigation”) (Dwyer, J.).
“I also want to praise you for all of your legal expertise, leadership, experience, and most of all tenacity, as this turned out to be a very complex legal battle that pitted a very determined David (us) against a huge financial Goliath (them).”
“The Exxon Qualified Settlement Fund [ ] was administered by Lynn Sarko and his law firm in Seattle. Those guys did a superb job. And it was a huge effort to notify all potential claimants, to get the claims documented, to evaluate the documentation, and then to apply the sharing concepts to the individual losses…I can’t imagine that they could possibly have done a better job.” In re Exxon Valdez (Holland, J.)
“I think the lawyers, your lawyers in this case, have done a truly outstanding job, as good of a job as I’ve seen lawyers do in a major complex class action in my, what will be very shortly, 26 years on the bench.” Cason-Merenda v. Detroit Medical Center (Rosen, J.)
“On behalf of the Village of Rockton, Illinois, I wanted to thank Keller Rohrback, L.L.P. for all its hard work in helping the Village to get Sonoco Products Company to clean up its property. The dilapidated building that has been an eyesore for years has been torn down and any contaminated soil has been removed…The Village knows that the remediation of the property would not have been possible without the efforts of… the whole Keller Rohrback team. You were knowledgeable, responsive and genuinely cared about the Village’s cause.” Village of Rockton v. Sonoco Paper Mill (Dale Adams, Village President)

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