Medical Informatics Engineering Data Breach

In Re: Medical Informatics Engineering, Inc. Customer Data Security Breach Litigation
Northern District of Indiana
Case No. 3:15-MD – 2667

Settlement Status

On September 25, 2019, the Court granted preliminary approval to a class action settlement and approved the notice program.

On October 25, 2019, the Settlement Administrator began to send the Court-approved “Notice of MIE Data Breach Class Action Settlement” to the Settlement Class Members by email transmission and by First Class U.S. Mail.  A copy of the Notice can be reviewed on the Court-authorized website

We urge you to review the Notice thoroughly and completely as it contains deadlines by which you must act if you choose to do so, INCLUDING THE OPPORTUNITY TO FILE A CLAIM.  You may also contact the Settlement Administrator toll free 855-263-1041.

Please be advised that we cannot respond to any inquires requesting confirmation of any individual’s membership in the Settlement Class.  The Court-certified Settlement Class is defined as: All persons whose personal or medical information was compromised by the Medical Informatics Engineering, Inc. Data Breach.

Case Documents
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