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Crohn’s disease: Keller Rohrback Investigates the Inflated Price of Humira 

September 27, 2017

About 700,000 people in the United States are affected by Crohn’s disease, a chronic inflammatory disease of the intestines. Humira is an option for Crohn’s disease patients who have not responded well to other treatments, but it comes at a high price.

The cost of Humira has increased dramatically over recent years, at well over the rate of inflation. The average wholesale price (AWP) for the Humira Pen-Crohn’s Starter Pen-Injector Kit increased from $7,375.01 in July 2012 to $15,988.46 in January 2017—an increase of about 117 percent. Studies suggest that rapid price increases for drugs such as Humira are unjustified and may be unlawful. Keller Rohrback is investigating whether patients who take Humira are being overcharged.

While drug manufacturers contribute to the price inflation, they have not been acting alone. Drug manufacturers may be colluding with pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) to raise the “list” prices of drugs—the price consumers pay—thus pocketing the profits from people who need these drugs to live pain free.

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The high cost of Humira, for which no comparable generic forms are currently available, inflicts physical, emotional and financial harm on patients and their families. Humira was first approved by the FDA in 2002 to treat and help patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis manage their pain. In 2007, the FDA expanded the use of Humira and approved the brand drug to treat moderate to severe Crohn’s disease in adults. Then in 2014, Humira was approved by the FDA to treat pediatric patients ages 6 and older who are battling Crohn’s disease and have not responded adequately to prior treatments.

Crohn’s disease can occur at any time but is most often diagnosed between the ages of 15-35. If you, or someone you know, purchased Humira, please contact Gretchen Obrist to learn more about whether you too have been subject to unlawful pricing. Call 800.776.6044 or email.

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