False Labeling

Are you a consumer? 

Groceries, pharmaceuticals, toys, cosmetics… packaged market products are a convenient and unavoidable part of modern life. When you participate in the market economy as a consumer, you have a right to know what you are buying. When you are concerned about the nutritional content of your child’s juice, chemicals in your shampoo, or toxins in the bucket of paint you just purchased, you expect to rely on the product’s label. Unfortunately, labels can be misleading, and sometimes they are just plain false. If you are a consumer and you believe you have been misled about the true nature of a product you have purchased, we want to hear from you. Mis-labeling can lead to allergic reactions and other illness. But consumer harm is not always physical; if you bought something that was not what you bargained for, you may have a legal right to a remedy. False advertising harms consumers, period.

Contact Us

If you work or have worked for a company that is mislabeling products, your voice is needed to hold that company accountable and create positive change for consumers. Please contact us at 800.776.6044 or via email to confidentially share your concerns.


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