Behrend v Comcast Corporation Antitrust Litigation

Behrend, et al. v. Comcast Corporation, et al. 
United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Case No. 2:03-cv-06604-JP

Case Overview

Keller Rohrback serves on the Executive Committee of these class actions brought on behalf of cable television subscribers in Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia. The actions allege that the owners of certain cable systems illegally conspired to monopolize various city cable markets through the device of illegally “swapping” territories. These swapping agreements, in concert with other acts, amounted to agreements to allocate territories and markets designed to avoid meaningful competition, thereby allowing defendants to overcharge consumers for certain cable television services in those urban markets. The cases have been consolidated before Judge Padova in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. While certain decisions have been issued in Kristen v. Comcast (Boston) and Rogers v. Comcast (Chicago), in general, Judge Padova has stayed those cases pending resolution of various issues in the Behrend, et al. v. Comcast(Philadelphia) case.

Case Status

Judge Padova has rejected defendants’ efforts to have these cases dismissed and has denied in part Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment, sustaining Plaintiffs’ Rule of Reason Claim for Trial.

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