Are you an AT&T cellular customer that AT&T signed up for a DirecTV Now account without your knowledge or consent? Please contact us at or 800-776-6044 to learn about your legal rights.

Keller Rohrback investigates AT&T for opening unauthorized DirecTV Now accounts

AT&T sales representatives allegedly offered AT&T cellular customers free DirecTV Now accounts, or “trials,” promising to cancel the account before it automatically renewed and started charging a monthly fee. Keller Rohrback has heard from AT&T customers in multiple states that even if the customers said they did not want to try DirecTV Now, AT&T signed them up anyway. This created unauthorized accounts that, eventually, AT&T billed the customers for.

“If AT&T opened unauthorized DirecTV Now accounts for customers who did not want them, and then billed them for those accounts, it cheated its customers and should be held accountable in court,” said Benjamin Gould, a Keller Rohrback partner.

If you believe that AT&T opened an unauthorized DirecTV Now account in your name without your consent, please contact us at or 800-776-6044 to learn about your potential legal claims.

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