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Keller Rohrback Investigates Allegations that Facebook, Inc. and Cambridge Analytica Violated Facebook Users’ Privacy


Keller Rohrback’s investigation focuses on Facebook, Inc. and Cambridge Analytica’s alleged violation of Facebook users’ privacy, which involved obtaining the private and personal profile information of 87 million Facebook users without their consent or knowledge. Facebook failed to protect Facebook users’ private information from this misuse, failed to properly notify users that their information had been compromised when it learned of the unauthorized acquisition of their data, and has put Facebook users at risk of identity theft and further misuse.

Facebook has allegedly known about the improper data collection since 2015 and failed to take action to stop the activity or notify users until March 2018.

Cambridge Analytica allegedly collected the personal information of 87 million Facebook users, without authorization, through the use of MyDigitalLife, a survey application deployed on Facebook. This application was marketed as a tool used by psychologists and claimed to help users better understand their personalities.

The MyDigitalLife application was downloaded by around 300,000 individuals and allegedly provided Cambridge Analytica and others access to the data of those individuals. Furthermore, MyDigitalLife also accessed the data of around 300,000 Facebook users’ Facebook friends, approximately 87 million additional people.

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Please be aware that we cannot respond to questions as to whether any specific individual had their personal and private information compromised.

Gizmodo has information on how to find out if your Facebook data was allegedly shared with Cambridge Analytica. Click here.

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